AuriGen Medical...

is developing the first entirely trans-septal implant to treat both the stroke and arrhythmia risk associated with persistent atrial fibrillation.

Treating patients with medication resistant long standing atrial fibrillation (AF) is expensive, time consuming and in the majority of cases ineffective.

The incidence of this arrhythmia is rising rapidly as western populations age, urgently necessitating better treatment options. The target market for AuriGen’s technology are the highly symptomatic medication resistant AF patients, of which there are over 3 million in US and the EU combined, having 500,000 ablations per year. The costs associated with managing this group are in the billions of dollars and continue to escalate as the populations of developed countries get older.

The AuriGen device will be fully reimbursed in the United States under existing CPD and DRG payment codes.

The team have over 25 years medical technology experience and are further supported by an advisory board of highly experienced entrepreneurs, industry professionals and physicians.

The development program is currently supported by Enterprise Ireland. This funding has allowed the completion of the prototype development and proof of concept pre-clinical trials, which were finalised earlier this year. We have filed a number of patents in Europe and the US and hope to complete the next round of funding in Q1 2018.

Contact the team at:

AuriGen Medical,
Cardiovascular Research and Innovation Facility,
2nd Floor Lambe Institute,
University Hospital Galway,
Galway, Ireland.

Call: + 353 87 243 1323